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A prophetic word from Kent Christmas

from December 13, 2020

The Spirit of the Lord says, “What I am doing now and what you see is not a resurrection of something old, but I am bringing forth something new on earth that you have never seen before.

In my mercy, I have been silent because I have given evil people time to repent.
But right now, when evil has declared war on me and on the Church, I am declaring war on evil.
I send out My word to the earth, and it will not return to Me unfulfilled.
But all that I have proclaimed over the decades will come to fulfillment, and it will come quickly.

For you are in the third day, and the third day is the day of the resurrection of glory and the power of the Holy Spirit.
My servants, who are my prophets, have not prophesied in their own name, they have not spoken fables, but they have proclaimed; “Thus says the Lord” in my name.

Know this, I will not allow evil people and so-called believers who are full of unbelief to make me a liar, for I am not a person who needs to be convicted to repentance. For I am still God, and when I send out my word, it goes forth like a sword and will pierce the strongholds of the power of darkness.

Just as I came to earth the first time as a God in the flesh, so now in this Christmas season I am coming to you and to this nation and to all the earth to give you a gift that you will never forget.

What you have seen in the media is the spirit of this lsebel that is trying to replace the woman called the church on earth. But the voice of the church in this hour are my prophets and they will not be be silenced.

And the word of the Lord, which I have proclaimed in this hour, will come true, although it looks impossible.
For all that I have proclaimed to you will not come through the power of men, it will not come through politics or the law or even the supreme court, but it will come through the power of the Holy Spirit in this hour.
this hour.

Just as lsebel drove the prophets into caves in the days of Elijah, so in lahr 2020 they drove my church into hiding, but just as I was only in the cave for three days, so my church is coming out of the cave and out of hiding.
For the voice of righteousness will not be silenced. You will not silence me, says God.

I will not sit down in the corner like a little child and yield to a power that is not as great as I am, for I am still God.
ln the year 2021, in January, the angel Michael sounds the ram’s horn as a call to war against false religion and false churches on earth. every pastor and church that has “crawled into bed” with this spirit, i will now expose and I will judge them.

For there are many buildings that are being built that have the word “church” on them and a cross, but they do not honor my
name, they do not care about my presence, and they do not care about the poor or those who are laden with sin.
But on that day I raise up a church that is glorious, without spot, wrinkle or blemish.
Just as the devil has tried to put despair and intimidation on my people, so now from my throne I am unleashing on them a holy robe of boldness, for it is a spirit of power and authority that will come upon you.
And I put a spirit of fear and intimidation on those who have tried to close the house of the Lord.

And while I have watched as the houses of the enemy have fallen silent, there sounds now the sound of the lion of judah ready to come up from the house of the lord. You will no longer be known as a house that is heavy and distressed, but there will be joy, for just as I first came to earth and the angels cried out, “Eš is joy on earth,” so I come to you in this Christmas season.

I have not forgotten what I promised you, and even though it looks impossible and even though the media say that it will not happen, and although they have already crowned a man king, I tell you that he is a false king.

For the King of kings and the Lord of lords is yet to be raised up. For the throne will not be occupied by an impostor, but on it will sit the glorious God of all eternity.

Know this, have I not always told you that though I always hesitate long when you pray, yet when I come, I will show myself quickly. What I will do in the next few weeks will be a quick work. It will not be done in pieces, it will not leave a back door open for the enemy to come through, but this time I will do it.
but this time I will finish what I have started, and for four years the outpouring of the Lord will descend upon the earth as the Lord has done.
Lord will descend upon the earth like you have never seen before.

For I have waited to show myself in this time of destiny because I wanted the enemy to show himself first now that he is exposed, you will see the anointing of Elijah released on the earth and the harvest begin.

Just as I had to wait for Goliath’s sword to be put into David’s hand before the enemy was destroyed, just as I waited for the Jordan River to be flooded before Israel could cross over, just as I waited for Haman’s gallows to be built before Mordecai could be lifted up, know this, that the enemy has built a gallows on which to hang the church.

I am preparing to reverse what has been proclaimed in this nation, and I will take the weapon that the enemy has formed against the house of the Lord, and I will cause the enemy to be destroyed by that very weapon that he has forged in the fires of hell to vilify the people of God.

In the next four years, I will give the nations to the churches as their inheritance.

Not just a few, not just a little, not just the ones that are not under the iron curtain. I am invading the Muslim nations, I am invading the communist nations, I am tearing down the iron curtain.
down. I am also taking the wealth of the wicked and transferring it to the saints of the Most High.

I have not let you be poor, I take pleasure in the prosperity of my servants. Lands, titles, deeds, businesses, money, riches, and erfindings are now being released from heaven to the saints of the Most High, for what I will do will not be a cheap move,s0but it will be the riches of glory on earth for what I will accomplish.

What I am about to do will be like an explosion of my power and glory on earth. I will “cripple” China for what they have done to the nations. Because they have tried to remove me from the earth, I will also judge their leaders, and there will be a release of God’s presence and a revival in the nation of China. Just as hell has released a global epidemic on the earth to advance Satan’s goals, I am setting a global epidemic on the earth.

I am now releasing my presence and glory in every nation to bring forth the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Just as you have seen a wave of death on the earth, you shall now see life and divine healing released on the earth.
And the cry that comes from the people of God will tear down the old strongholds that have ruled the nations. So get ready, says God Not just a few months from now, but you are about to see the greatest
outpouring of God’s glory, and today I lift the spirit of heaviness from you and release the garment of praise.

Shout out to the Lord, for this is the hour when my mercy is released upon my people.

Hallelujah !

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