Correct words – correct results

Published by Harry on

We Christians tend to whine if we are honest at a high level. “Harry, do you have any idea what’s going on with me, if you knew how hard that is.” Believe me, I understand that well, because I have experienced it several times in the past.

But when a situation is difficult and I feel uncomfortable, I have the inner testimony of Jesus in my heart: “Throw the worries on me, I can carry them. Trust me, I’m here for you. Everything is temporary.”

If I can do that, you can do the same. You are loved and enveloped in his grace. Important here is only one thing: you have to believe him and trust in him. Often we think we do that, but if we would listen to our own words, we would know that this is not the case.

Proverbs 18:21 says: Life and death are in the force of the tongue.

Words are seeds that bring either joy or sadness, peace or strife. Everything depends on what and how we speak. That’s why I advise you to pay attention to your words.

Do not worry about it. Stop complaining. Begin to get an inner attitude on how God handles things, and speak words ful of faith that contain gratitude and good things.

We are able to change the world if we speak the right thing. We will experience real change as we consciously choose our words: believe what God says about you. You are loved by God.

You can do everything right and your actions are completely correct in everything. But if you speak the wrong words, unbelief, etc., then you ruin everything with these words.

He has a fantastic plan for you. That should be anchored inside you. Express these truths aloud. Speak into yourself: Jesus justified me in front of the father. Through Jesus I am accepted by God.

His love is infinite and he is perfect. He wants you to feel totally valuable. He wants you to unleash the potential he has planted in you, as well as to love people.

God has gifted you to communicate the gospel to other people with your personality. The Holy Spirit is your tireless helper.

With him you can encourage the people around you. Compliments are great when they are honest. Further they do not cost anything.

You can make a person happy in a few words (Proverbs 15:23). Claim the help of the Holy Spirit to make people happy. Believe in yourself, because God has a great future for you!

This is in 1. Corinthians 2: 9 (NIV): No eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, and no man could ever even imagine what God has for those who love him.

We always have an eternity perspective and should always focus on what Jesus has done for us. Let us turn our whining into gratitude. It also makes our difficult situations easier.

One way to speak properly would be, for example, “I am quite challenged right now, but I know that my Lord is taking care of me. He helps me in all areas.

Whoever whines constantly, does not move forward. And further: “Praise pulls up, thanks protects against wavering”.
(In German that’s a rhyme it means: Loben zieht nach oben – Danken schützt vor Wanken)
He has brought us to fullness and wants us to be well (see John 10:10).

Speak the promises of the bible and God will staighten you up. As a result, with his help, you are able to live a carefree life.