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Speak to the mountain is a kind of prayer that is little known and is greatly underestimated. Different from prayers like this: oh Lord, finally do it, oh Lord why don’t you do it, Lord.

My children, my husband, my boss, my co-workers, my health, my money, my hamster….. Lord, I have been waiting for your blessing all this time. Lord, when will you finally get going, Lord, will you do something? This is perhaps a little exaggerated, we are a little more pious. But the end effect when you take off the pious act is: “Hey old man, what’s the matter with you, are you sleeping or what? What is going on, I thought, You are answering prayer.

Another prayer is “Father, this and this is my mountain, please help me to get him out of the way” and ….. – If we are then still particularly humble, another “…if it is your will.” follows. And do you know what? Then we wonder if the mountains don’t disappear. These mountains can be problems, situations of all kinds, also financial situations or illnesses.

Do you really believe that we inform the God who created heaven and earth and the whole universe about our problems and hope that he either says his “ok, the thing is approved” or “no, that doesn’t work – the thing is rejected”.

Who knows that it is not due to the power plant, if the hairdryer does not work here ? You know, another word for mental prayer is whine.

Spiritual prayer goes in a different way. A spiritual prayer is to speak to the mountain. To speak to the mountain what God speaks.

Mark chapter 11 – You must speak to your mountain and not complain to the Lord. In Mark 11, verse 12, Jesus marches from Bethany to Jerusalem. He did this daily, for he preached there in the temple. Then he spent the night in Bethany, beyond the Mount of Olives. He was now on his way from Bethany to Jerusalem. So the whole troupe is walking quickly over the Mount of Olives and Jesus is hungry.

From afar he saw a fig tree with leaves. One could say that leaves are a promise, there could also be fruit in them. Although it was not yet time for figs, which Jesus knew very well. There is something that wobbles promisingly with the leaves and perhaps there is also a fruit.

So this tree boasts mightily. And Jesus went to see if he could find anything about him and when he came to him, he found nothing but leaves, because it was no time for figs. Now Jesus makes a parable for the disciples. It was almost like a kind of show.

So Jesus goes to this tree and seriously looks for food there. One thing is for sure, Jesus does not blame trees when they do not bear fruit because it is not the time yet. But he is standing at the tree and is now expressing something showy. Imagine that he looks for fruit in the tree and does not find any. The disciples all stand there and watch him do what he is doing. Then Jesus steps back and now he does something with this tree.

Mark 11, 14 And Jesus began, and said unto him, Eat no man fruit of thee for ever. And he said that so loudly that his disciples heard it. This was his full intention that Jesus would not whisper, but speak loudly. He wanted to teach his disciples.

The creative power of spoken words. Words have creative power. You may not always be aware of this. You unconsciously speak things in existence. Many do not speak to their problem, speak to the mountain, may it sink into the sea. No, they speak to the sea, please give me a new problem mountain.

What do you mean, Harry? Well, I mean that people speak the problems into existence. If you pay attention to your mouth, you can hear your faith. Your mouth reliably expresses what you believe. Whatever you speak also in an unnoticed moment.

Example: oh, now it’s autumn again, I get badly ill every time. Then I have to go back to the doctor etc. All right, I already know what you will become this autumn. Sick, badly sick. That’s why you’re with the doc, maybe you’ll get sick from the pills the doctor prescribes for you, what do I know.

But if you concentrate your thinking and speaking so much on illness, you must know that you are speaking a mountain into existence.

Do you realize how complex this topic is. That we absolutely have to go a little deeper here. This is a great topic, because once you have understood that you can speak to Bergen, and thus have the reality of your existence in your hands through your speaking, then your life may change fundamentally.

But let us come back to Jesus. Because these verses are, in my opinion, one of the most important in the Bible that we are looking at together here. The power of prayer, the power of speaking to the mountain. The power in words. Further in Mark 11, starting from 20 Jesus goes to Jerusalem, he preaches there, teaches and heals and then it goes back to Bethany.  Mark 11,20 And when they passed by in the morning, they saw that the fig tree had withered from the roots.

So it began at the roots. Obviously the words with spiritual power came out of his mouth, which sat down at the roots and the roots could not take up any more water because of it.

Then this tree withered. And after that went so fast, with the withering, they knew exactly that it was no coincidence. Above all, the other trees that stood around them were not withered. And Peter remembered and said to him, “Rabbi, behold, the fig tree which you cursed has withered.

And now follows the sermon which Jesus prepared the previous day. Jesus answered and said to him, “Have faith in God and now my advice: if this is in your Bible, cross it out, it is wrong. When I read this in Hebrew or Greek, it means: have the faith from God and it sounds completely different. (echite pisting teo) Do you know what that means in German: have faith in God. Have faith, like God. Do it as God does it with his faith. And how does he do it? How does God set free his faith?

With his words that is written in Genesis 1, – in the beginning God created heaven and earth. 2 And the earth was desolate and empty, and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters – right. Verse 3 And God said, Let there be light, and there shall be light. God has spoken light in existence. He spoke, so to speak, to the mountain of darkness: “Let there be light and there was light. God showed his faith with words. And you do exactly exactly the same.

I want to show you something now in Psalm 103 and then in Psalm 8. Psalm 103, 19 The Lord has set up His throne in the heavens and His dominion reigns over all things. So God is a ruler who sits on his throne.- praise the Lord for His angels, their mighty power, doers of His word.

God commands something and the angels do it – can you see that? Mysterious powers are released after God has said something. People are healed, problems are solved, bread multiplies, fishermen become water runners, the dead are raised. All this happens when God speaks. And the angels, the perpetrators of his words, are also there.

103 Verse 21 Praise the LORD, all his hosts, his servants, who do his will. Verse 22 Praise the LORD, all his works, in every place of his dominion. Praise the LORD, my soul.

So we say: God is a ruler who sits in heaven and reigns with words and angels do what he says. Now we read Psalm 8, verse 4: When I look at your heaven, the work of your fingers, the moon, and the stars which you have prepared, verse 5 What is man that you remember him, and the Son of man that you look after him? 6 You have made him a little lower than the angels; you have crowned him with glory and honour.   

Punch through angels, that’s not true, because the original translation is a different one. In Hebrew it says Elohim here. What does Elohim mean? Right, the God of Israel. The translators did not dare to use this here. They have used God beings or angels as footnotes.

You know, in the beginning Elohim created heaven and earth. They did not write there either, in this context Elohim means God being or angel, because they knew exactly that God was at work here. So we read – you made him a little less than God.
This means that man also has creative power in his words. Now you might say: yes, but Harry, here we are talking about the Son of human, Jesus. That’s right, I agree with you – let’s read on:

Ps. 8, verse 7 You have made him ruler over the works of your hands; you have put all things under his feet. 

This is the same as what is written about God in Psalm 103. Important for us now: God is in the ruling class of all beings and man is in the ruling class of all beings. Angels are in the servant class.

What is the devil? Is he a fallen ruler or a fallen angel? If he is a fallen angel, and angels have no creative power but are only servants, does Satan have creative power?

Exactly, he has no creative power. Whose words does he need to build his kingdom? Right, he needs your devastated thoughts and your misspoken words so that he can create disaster in the world. Do you now realize how important you are for 2 spiritual power stations? Once for God’s power station and once for his opponent.
Which power station you feed, you decide with your words.

Here is an example: if you go here and attract bitterness, for example, and you imagine that you don’t like your colleague because he may have snatched something from your nose. It can be that in the course of time your sense darkens so much and you become so filled with hate that you end up doing impossible things that do not really correspond to your nature. Thus you attract the disaster quasi.

Almost every day in the whole world an assassin blows himself up. Something must have gone ahead. You must first come up with something terribly weird until you are even ready to do something like that. I’ll tell you what – these people have thought the wrong things into themselves and talked them into them for so long, until it led to actions that ultimately produced realities.

It is better to use your words and thoughts to build his kingdom with the help of God’s power, which is at your disposal, and you will be well. Jesus will see to that. I am talking about the Creator and the power of faith, which God here places in your words and wants to set free. But you yourself also have creative power, both for the good and for the bad.

There is also another kind of faith. Here is an example of human faith:

You’ve probably heard of a drug without an active ingredient, it’s called a placebo. In a study in which 50% of the patients received placebo and the other 50% received the real drug, it was found that 60% of the placebo aspirants were also cured, although it was proven that there was no drug in it. What works for these people? The faith, the human faith works in the hearts of these people and it works. I know that from doctors with whom I have already talked about it. So also the human faith can already do quite a lot, also in the positive, also in the negative.

But what I am talking about is a turbocharged faith of God. So when you speak to your mountain, God’s powers become free through you – Amen.

I am not interested in positive thinking, or Christian Science and what there is not everything for crutches. This is not what I am talking about, but what power comes into existence through God’s Word, which He wants to release through you. Our words contain forces that generate reality.

We see a tremendous example in Joshua chapter 10, when the battle was on the brink of victory, but darkness would have put a stop to the whole thing. What did Joshua do in a hammerish way?

 Joshua 10,12 Then Joshua spoke to the LORD on the day the LORD gave up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, and said in the presence of many witnesses, “Sun, stand still in Gibeon, and you, the moon, in the valley of Ajalon. Then the sun stood still, and the moon stood still for 24 hours, until the battle was fought, and his enemies were defeated. Then it went on with the world. Imagine that. That is the power of God’s word in a human mouth.

Jesus spoke to the tree. In whose power did he do it. He behaved like God. He wanted this tree to wither and he knew that God is with him in everything. He simply had faith and spoke to the tree to show: You can do that too.

Mark 11, 22 Jesus says “Have the faith of God. 23 For truly I say unto you: 23 For truly I say unto you, If any man speaks unto this mountain, Lift thyself up, and cast thyself into the sea, and not doubt in his heart, but believe that what he saith shall be done, then shall it be given him whatever he saith. 

Your faith moves mountains – we have heard this saying before. Jesus says that you create your reality with your words. If you have a problem, speak to him. Of course you have to do this in faith, otherwise you can talk as you like, nothing will happen. Jesus spoke to the tree and the tree followed.

One day Jesus lay in the boat and slept. (you can find it in Mark 5) He was tired because he preached for a long time. A storm came up and the water ran into the boat and the boat threatened to sink. The disciples, who were experienced sailors, were afraid. Then they awaken Jesus with eyes widened in horror – Lord doesn’t care if we sink. Jesus wipes the sleep out of his eyes, sees what is going on, sees the small faith and the fear of his disciples, is totally disappointed. Go to the mast and say: You little believers, where is your faith?

Ask yourself that too – where is your faith – Jesus is holding on to the mast, his hair is blowing, it goes up and down, and then Jesus speaks to this wind and the waves. He talks to you for eternity, namely exactly 2 words: silence, silence and the spook was over. The hair of the people who were with him stands on end. Who then is he to whom even wind and sea obey?

Yes, Jesus is someone who knew how to speak to the mountain. It would be great if we also practiced that. That’s how God does it. He speaks things in existence. Do you also speak things in existence. The angels of God will go out and see to it that it comes into existence.

It is important, as it says in Mark 11,23, not to doubt and to know that it belongs to you. If you have prayed 5 times for one thing, you have prayed 4 times with unbelief.

Mark 11,24 Therefore I say to you: Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours.

That means you have to believe that you already have it, even if you don’t see it yet. So when we pray for you the thing is over and we don’t have to pray 1000 times for the same thing just because something didn’t happen immediately. We will at most switch over and thank Papa that you are healthy, or the problem is solved and the mountain is in the sea, with praise and worship. Thank you Lord that the promise is there for me, thank you that you have already sent forth your angels, etc. Amen. Amen

Here it says pray and ask. That was pure intention of Jesus. In Greek hosa an proseuchomenoi aiteisthe | wortl. praying means “as much as you ask or demand praying”. The Greek word for asking is aiteo menoi which means as much as demanding.

And that is what I want to convey to you, the power when Jesus speaks to the mountain. This demand does not concern to demand something from God, but from the mountain, which he lifts up and throws into the sea. Spoken in the authority of a believer.

I demand of the illness that it should disappear and I thank Jesus that it has disappeared. I demand from the finances that they come to me kindly and thank Jesus for that. I am also willing to do something for it.

I was interested in speaking to the mountain. Jesus spoke to the closed ears, or to the blind eyes, or to the rash. He did not say: oh father, if it is your will and so on. No, he did not.

In Mark chapter 5 you can see the story, Jesus and the blood-fluid woman. This woman has already been to a lot of doctors and she has spent a lot to get rid of her plague over 12 years, but it hasn’t got better, rather worse. She heard about Jesus. Then she speaks something to herself. She says that if I could only touch the hem of his garment, I would be healed. She heard from Jesus that healings are happening around him. He has special powers. At that time people believed more in miracles than they do today. And now the woman speaks in her heart herself, because that is her faith that speaks when I only ……

That makes her unconscious, she does not calculate it. She does not stand up and say: so, I confess, I am healed, but it is her heart faith that also speaks to you here. What is your heart faith? Listen to yourself. Observe yourself when you speak. Does a lot of doubt come out or do you speak faith, therefore life?

In any case faith comes out of this sick woman. And she now works her way up to Jesus with elbows, she falls, stands on crawls on, finally she grabs zack and manages to touch the hem and is healed. She has received from God, but what has she healed? Her faith healed her. How did she build the faith? In Mark 5 verse 34 Jesus confirms this to her, he does not tell her, yes, we are now making the process for you because you touched me uncleanly, but he says: Your faith has healed you.

Do it the same way: speak to your thyroid gland, speak to your knee or whatever – speak to your finances – Then thank your dad and say: somewhere now angels are on their way for me and bring in the harvest, hallelujah.

I hope I have been able to make it clear to one or the other what power our words have and in what great authority we can speak. And important: let us always speak what we want and not what we do not want.


Dear father, I pray for all of us that you will be the guardian of our tongue. That you are the one who reminds us again and again that we have creative power in our words. Thank you that through you we are empowered Jesus to speak to the mountains and that these mountains disappear into the sea.
Thank you for a great life that we can spend in the authority of the faithful. Thank you for opportunities to proclaim the Good News and thank you for
Peace and joy and strength for all the tasks we have to do – Amen

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