Short info about me

My name is Harry Gärtner, I’m born in 1961, happily married for over 30 years with my wonderful wife Annette.

I have 2 great grown-up sons and we have since a number of years a wonderful life in our family .

Because of the realization of the grace of our Heavenly Father, there is a great relationship among the brothers themselves and we have a cohesion, as one could wish for any family.

In some phases my life was very moved and stormy, I have realized that it mostly arrives in difficult situations for the inner attitude.

About I’ve avoided after a certain age, to program my subconscious with

garbage and harvest today the fruits thereof.

Also, I have found that it is much important how I choose my words and whether I speak life or death.

Many mechanisms I have seen with the help of the Bible. The Bible is the basis for a fulfilled life, not least through a living relationship with our wonderful creator and thus for me to his son Jesus Christ.
And so as he teaches me, I will not judge which way and what faith do you choose. I wish you definitely wholeheartedly that you get experiences with His love. For he will never stop loving you and offer you this love always unconditionally.

To me it is another concern that people get a heart revelation of how important it is to speak the right words, because it runs in life by a law of nature and that is:

You reap what you sow.

For thoughts become words – words are turned into deeds

This realization I wish for everyone



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