Words are powerful

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Jesus said: For according to your words you will be justified, and according to your words you will be condemned! (Matthew 12:37). While I was thinking about this subject, a word of that text kept coming up in my mind……

namely the word WORDS. Something inside me told me that I’d like to focus on WORDS as a main topic. WORDS are more important than many people realize. WORDS lead us to success or defeat. WORDS heal us or make us ill.

According to the bible, WORDS can destroy us or bring life, joy and health. Our WORDS – the WORDS we spoke yesterday – have made our lives what we are today.

This is in line with what Jesus said in Mark 11:23. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.
…. he will be given whatever he says, “meaning the words that one speaks.

I would like to tell you a series of events from the point of view of Kenneth Hagin, a teacher and preacher.

In June 1943, I held meetings for Pastor A.  in eastern Texas. Pastor A. had suffered a intense heart attack. One of the neighboring pastors said: Brother Hagin, for two or three days the doctors have told us to stop praying for Pastor A. He was between life and death, and the doctor said: you keep him alive through your prayers and your beliefs. If he does come back to himself – which I doubt – his mind will never work properly again, because the brain has not been supplied with blood for more than ten minutes.

But we just could not stop praying for him. We kept praying. On the third day, Pastor A. regained consciousness and his mind was completely normal. The doctors could not believe it. Pastor A. had not started his sermon service yet. His wife, who was also on duty, preached in his stead.

My wife, our children and I stayed at the rectory with them and we all drove to the service in a car.
One evening, when Pastor A. made the announcements, he made a mistake while speaking. As soon as he got in the car, his wife said: You screwed that up a lot. It’s exactly as people said. In my opinion, you can not preach anymore.

My wife contradicted her and said, “With Kenneth’s mind, everything is alright, even though he’s messed up worse than your husband.

He had three mistakes tonight.

But Pastor A.’s wife said, “You have to stop the preaching service altogether.” She kept telling him what he could not do.One day my wife went to the barber after dinner and Pastor A. went for a medical visit So I helped Sister A. with the dishes and when we stood there and washed and dried the crockerie, the Lord inspired me to say the following: Sister A., ​​I do not know how you are going to take that now, but if you do not stop talking so bad to and about your husband, he’ll be dead in two years, you’ll talk him to death!
As she gasped for air, I said: One moment, sister. Very slowly. You know that’s not what Kenneth Hagin said. The Spirit of God gave me the impulse to tell you that. I would give my life for that.

She calmed down again and said: Brother Hagin, we’ve known you for many years now and we know how God works through you, so I’ll accept it as a  word from the Lord.

As long as we were with them, she could control herself. However, when we visited her again a year later, she had returned to her old habit. She spoke words like, “You’re going to die.” You’ll never make it! And so she talked death over her husband. I tried to dissuade her, but she just shook her head to a no and did not want to listen to me.

A few months later, I performed revival services for a friend who was pastor of the church from which Brother A. originally came. During these events, the funeral was held by Brother A. When I compared my notes, I saw that almost exactly two years had passed since the day I spoke to his wife.

After the death of her husband, Sister A. became angry with God because her husband had died. She did not give a single sermon anymore. She has turned her back on God, and as far as I know, her children also live without God. Thank God that her husband went to heaven. All this happened because of Words.

As a young Baptist, I was badly shackled to the bed 6o years ago, I received a revelation from God’s Word. I began to act on Mark 11: 23-24 by saying, I believe. Words were pronounced. I said, “I believe I receive healing for my deformed heart.”

I believe that I receive healing for the incurable blood disease. “I believe I receive healing for the paralysis, I believe that I receive healing from head to toe, and within an hour, I stood on my feet.

I had learned the secret of WORD – words of faith. 60 years have passed since then, and I have not even had a headache. Not once. The last headache I can remember was in August 1933.

I have not had a headache since then and will not get any in the future. But if I had a headache, I would not tell anyone. And if anyone would ask me how I feel, I’d say, thanks, I’m fine.
I would speak the right WORDS because Jesus said in Mark 11:23, “… that’s how it will be, whatever it says.” I believe in what God says in Isaiah 53: 5. His wounds have healed us. I believe that. I believe that I am cured.

How your words influence your children – also from the point of view of Kenneth Hagin

When my son Ken was two and a half hours old, I held up this little guy with my hands and said, Lord, thanks for this boy. I realize that you have given this new life that I hold in my hands to me and to my wife. I recognize that it is my responsibility – because I know the Bible to train this child on the path to be taken. And when he is old, he will not leave this path. I recognize that in your Word you say that we should educate children in the cultivation and exhortation of the Lord. And I will, because children are educated not only by commandments and rules, but also by good role models.

I’ll lead him the way with the right example. I will do what is right and I will be honest and sincere with you if I do something wrong. “

Immediately after our daughter Pat was born I took her in my hands and said the same words that I had said about Ken: “I will do the right thing, I will educate her in the right way, I will train her and you with her I will teach them the commandments of God and teach them through my example.

I know that you can have what you say, so I say that this child, just like Ken, has a resilient body, will grow up without illness and infirmity, has a smart mind, and is spiritually strong. “
Years later, even our relatives, who thought we had made a big mistake when we went to the Pentecostals, said somehow, they’re doing it right. Kenneth’s children are never ill.

In my whole life I never prayed that my children would be saved. Not once. I never once prayed that my children would be filled with the Holy Spirit. They are now adults and have their own family and I can not remember praying for them more than half a dozen times over the years.

Why? Because you can have what you say – and I already said it! If I prayed for it now, that would mean that I did not take my words seriously at the time.
Both children were saved very early and filled with the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, when they were little and I had lost my temper, I had to go to them and say to them: Please forgive me; Dad did not behave properly. I was a wrong role model. I have God asked for forgiveness, and he forgave me. Do you forgive me too? And my children answered: okay.

I never told them that they should not do something just because I say so. I sat down with them and read to them what the Bible says and showed them that I only want the best for them.
If I had to correct them or spank their backs, I told them, “Look here in Ephesians 6: 1-3,” You children are obedient to your parents in the Lord, for it says: Thou shalt be obedient to thy father and mother This is the first commandment with a promise: to make you feel well and to live a long life on Earth”.
I told them that days of illness or hospitalization are not good days. I said, “Look, I want you to be fine, I want you to enjoy a long life here on earth.

Children are the result of words. Words can heal or make us ill. Words bless or curse us. The words I hear in the morning accompany me all day. Many wives, they do not really understand that a biting, sarcastic word in the morning negatively accompanies their husband all day long.

But a loving, gentle, good word – a short prayer – will be music for him and make him win.

Learn to use words effectively for yourself. Learn to fill words with power that you can not resist. How do you do that? By filling the words with love and faith. Parents need to realize that the home atmosphere is the result of WORDING.

Even the natural, visible things are created by WORDS. If you come to a room where fish has just been fried, it smells like fish. The smell is still hanging in the air. The air in a room where bad words are spoken is also bad and reversed. In a room where positive words are spoken, the atmosphere is pleasant.

We are surrounded by words. Turn on the TV and you realize that very quickly. The atmosphere in our home is the result of WORDING. Children are going in the wrong direction because they have been talking wrong words and the right WORDS have not been pronounced.

Where does it come from when families are stable and master the difficulties in life? It’s because the right WORDS have been spoken at home.

It should be spoken in our home the right words. Words make a young person want to do an apprenticeship. Words bring or deprive a young person from the church. We are the result of the spoken word.

You can go to church on Sundays. Sit there and look pious, if you want. You can pray, sing in the choir and even teach in the children’s service. But if you curse at home, lose your temper, and get angry, you will lose your children. Because the education of children is not in the church, but in the atmosphere that prevails at home. The atmosphere that prevails in the community will have very little influence on them.

The tongue of the wise is salutary

Have you ever visited sick people? Have you ever heard what they say? When you listen to them, you can often find out why they are sick.
In Proverbs 12:18, a miraculous revelation is a fantastic truth: whoever speaks without thinking, who injures like a piercing sword; but the tongue of the wise is salutary. You can only receive health when you speak health. Have you ever noticed that we are programmed incorrectly? (I mean from a natural point of view)

We are programmed negatively

In my bible it says: well, he who does not walk according to the counsel of the wicked, nor walketh on the way of sinners, where the mockers are sitting (Psalm 1: 1). We should not think like the world.
Romans 12: 1 says, “I exhort you, brethren, in the face of God’s mercy, that you offer your bodies as a living, holy, acceptable to God: that is your rational worship!

And now, observe Romans 12 verse 2: And do not conform to this world race, but let yourself be transformed in your being by the renewal of your mind.
God does not want us to adapt to this world but to be transformed. Whats the way? By renewing our mind.  Several years ago, I held a congregation in a church in Oklahoma. The people there thought, that women who did not have long sleeves, long skirts, long hair go into hell. They always talked of worldliness. We do not conform to this world, they said: The bible says we should not conform to the world, we are not worldly.

The pastor asked me to preach Sunday morning. The night before, I woke up several times and prayed for the sermon each time. As I saw what the sermon looks like I said, Lord, that’s not how I usually preach. But God did not let up.

On Sunday morning, I jumped off the stage, running up and down the hall, saying, “I tell you, this is the most secular church I’ve ever preached in!”

It was like throwing a wet rag in their face! Here I came and told ‘that their congregation was the most secular I have ever seen, where they had said so, how sacred they were!

They were like the Pharisees. They prayed, Lord, we are better than anyone else in the city. We are just the biggest and the best. We are the most wonderful people. Of course we know that you know that. We do not do this, we do not do that, and this and that.

But they were the most negative troupe I’ve ever seen. I explained: you still think the way the world thinks. You think illness, you think fear, you think doubt ‘
You think defeat. You think failure – exactly as the world thinks! See that you renew your mind through God’s word. Think in accordance with God’s Word. Walk in accordance with God’s Word! Believe in accordance with God’s Word!

It is often the Christians who think they are so different from the world, the most worldly people of all. As I say, the whole world is negatively programmed and if you’re not careful, you’re making the same mistakes as the world. We must remember that the world without God is spiritually dead.
People are programmed to die instead of life.

Fearful people say for example: “I’m scared to death. I was scared to death. “Do not say such a thing, I, Harry, would never say that I’m afraid because I am not afraid. When the temptation is there to be afraid, then I speak to the fear: fear, I resist you in the name of Jesus!

I refuse to allow fear. If doubts come, I speak to them. I say, “Doubt, I resist you in the name of Jesus!” I refuse to doubt.
If I had doubts or anxious thoughts, I would not tell anyone. I do not accept these things.

If such thoughts came to my mind, I would not tell anyone. And I know that the devil can put all kinds of thoughts in our heads. We are the result of words. Have you ever thought that the bible teaches that health and healing are in your tongue? Note that God said:

There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health. (Prov.12.18 – KJ)


Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. (Prov. 18:21 – KJ)

and James has dedicated a whole chapter for the tongue. If this topic were not burning important, it would not need that.